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Welcome to - the best farming and countryside pictures. is one of the biggest online stock photography agencies in Europe, that has specialized in farming, environment and nature.

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Pictures and Videos ("Footage")

The topic of agriculture has been photographically and cinematically covered right into the remotest recesses. Over 30,000 pictures and several thousand video clips spectacularly document the middle European countryside. The shots vary from giant panorama for an overview down to macro photography providing details of cropland plants and animals. Additionally, there is the excellently assorted food area. Photos about nutrition now have a dedicated archive within the database.

Unique Agricultural Know-how

Of great importance in our field, in addition to photographic flair, is, above all, agricultural know-how. only works with photographers with agricultural experience. This guarantees authentic and expressive pictures. Agrarfotos have enjoyed great success over the last ten years in countless photography competitions, and are proud of winning numerous national and international awards. (Most recently: Winner Landscape/Nature at the IFAJ Photo Contest in Belgium – a contest for photojournalists of all 5 continents.)


High Res Download

Our full quality images can be downloaded with a password. 72dpi versions of the pictures can be used for layouts, for free. For the high resolution image files we have four flat-rate groups, on which the prices are based: Private, Non-Profit, Editorial and Advertising

Regularly New Pictures

All the images are tagged using sound professional criteria. We continually, often daily, upload new new pictures. All image titles and search keywords are available in English and German.

Images from the fields of crop farming, animal husbandry, administration, harvested produce, nutrition and also hunting, fishing, beekeeping and viticulture, are sorted into over 350 categories and are ready for immediate download in full resolution.